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In Riskieshi

At the ashram

sunny -29 °C

Made it to Rishikeshi spotty internet at best..the place so beautiful yet so harsh..Had my first veggie meals small.. kind of cool..no negative effects on my bowels..Ashram has 20 rooms all full great lush space..beautiful trees, hills...flowers..AnandPrakesh Ashram

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Gone..from the Human Misery of Phuket

rain 26 °C
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..for the final 10 days was holled up in the Phillipe Guesthouse....# 201..The reason I moved to this place was 3 fold, 1) accept visa, 2) full continental breakfast also. 3) nicer room and closer to the beach..4) great price of $ 12.50 usd..Today I finally checked out of the guesthouse..only to find..they did not accept Visa..this discusion was occuring less than 5 mins before my taxi ride to the airport..the room rate was $18.00 USd according to the manager was a misunderstaning..that phrase should be on the coat of arms of Thailand...also everyother day .the cook for my breaky was late..so continenntal breaky instead of US.....boy did my stomach know the difference..each of these days..checked out made it to the airport ..an hr before my flight from Pukhet to Bangkok..was told the flight included snaks..however after the 3rd time being passed by I figured something was amiss..flight was an hr 20 mins..shockingly for the first time since my arrival in this country ..my ride was at the airport to pick me up..had the wrong name but they were there..am staying the eve at the Convienient Resort..only a 5 min drive to the airport which will make my 5 30 wake up call for my 9 am flight to delhi 30 mins better than it could have been...the flight to delhi is 6 hrs. when I arrive will take a taxi to the Delhi bus station ..to catch the bus to Rishikesh..a 6 or 7 hr bus ride ..the jouney contl..

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In Bangkok

The first Night......Morning......Afternoon...Evening...Early Morning

sunny 33 °C
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The last time I posted I had just Sucessfully.. with my own eyes....over the what I thought was World Wide Internet..apparently the WWW does not work at the Silom City Hotel....that what they told me at what was now 4 am Thursday Sept 15 2011...When after a company generated Reservation number..was not THERE's..Imagine showing up in any city let alone Bangkok...with the directions provided by there manager..on there web site..only told.. you dont have a reservation..the hotel is full...no room any where. So I provided her with the string of emails .. she said I had fabricated..all to get free room at her shabby hotel..at 4am...lol.I was forced to pay my own way by taxi to hotel she promised me was cheaper..than her..that would be hard to imagine..I get to the new hotel only to find the room rate she quoted 500 Bht more expensive than hers..how could I argue at 4.30 am...The hotel was ok but the wireless internet that was promised was not there,,so at 6 am who can argue...My initial plan was to spend most of the day in Bangkok.. buy since my flight arrived 4 am instead of midnight..and the amazing welcome from the sliom City Hotel there was a new plan..leave.. now..so went to the front desk of the hotel and they booked me a flight ..the hell out

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A few Tomorrows

A few days later

overcast 28 °C
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Left Vancouver very enegetically..and positively..the flight very very long ..more than 13 hrs to Shanghai....the flight was late leaving China..so instead of getting into Bangkok..at 12 pm the next day..for the first time in my life on this trip I crossed the international time line.Got into Bangkok at 3.30 am instead of midnight..got to the hotel that I had been corresponding to..with for the last month..and placed a deposit I assumed the morning I left..Could not confirm this as I was travelling for the previous 2 days..In short my hotel was not...My Hotel..in all ways possable.,got..to bed at 4am got the desire to leave..arrived in Phuket that same afternoon.. for some reason needed to get out of Bangkok....arrived into the Madhouse Pukhet..not what I expected .. Very hot,. Very busy..lots of people.. everywhere doing everything imaginable..the sleepy city during the day becomes a city on Acid in the night..all night.. every night..will be moving to a new hotel will update this after that..of to Book my flight out of here on the 29th to the civility of India..

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Tomorrow it all starts

The trip begins in earnest

overcast 15 °C

Who would have thought such a simple journey...would have meant so many Sleeples Nights..so much daydreaming so much hope. To all of my supporters. thanks so much...The trip I have dreamed about, laughed about , talked about is now about to begin..in less than 12 Hrs part of my life times journey will come to..fruition.. something which one seemed so distant is now upon me..cant wait ....dont have to

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